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 13-Function Stainless Steel Pliers- PC1170
Functions include pliers with 3 gripping surfaces, wire cutter, small knife, large knife, metal/wood..
 Combo Tape Measure / Level- PC0618
10-footáretractable, locking tape measure. Built-in level. Includes 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" yellow sticky me..
 Deluxe Multi-Tool- PC1174
3-footámetal tape measure with standard and metric measurements. Built-in level. 6 screwdriver bits ..
 Fix It Screwdriver Set- PC0861
Mini screwdriver set with single white LED light. Includes 2 mini Phillips-head screwdrivers and 3 m..
 Mini Lighted Screwdriver Repair Kit- PC0120
2 flathead and Phillips-head flip-out mini screwdrivers. Single white LED light with thumb-slide on/..
$2.10 $1.79
 Multi-Function Pliers / Flashlight- PC1177
Pliers with 2 gripping surfaces, wire cutter, twist-on single white LED light, knife, serrated knife..
 Quick-Release Tape Measure- PC0838
60-inch retractable tape. Standard and metric measurements. Tape automatically stops at desired dist..
$0.98 $0.93
 Screwdriver Set / Flashlight- PC0859
6 screwdriver bits (2 hex, 2 flathead, 2 Phillips-head) inside swivel-handle clip. Single white LED ..
$2.28 $2.17
 The Handyman Locking Tape Measure- PC0893
10-foot retractable tape measure. Standard and metric measurements. Woven nylon wrist strap. Slid..
 The Pro Locking Tape Measure- PC0571
25-foot retractable tape measure. Standard and metric measurements. Rubber casing. Rubberized wri..
 White Board Tape Measure- PC0891
79-inch retractable metal tape measure. Standard and metric measurements. Includes white board an..
A very practical and handy tool. Don’t leave home without it! Green(10) Red(13) Blue(15) - ..
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